"Four generations of grocers produce a new generation of farmers."

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

getting real

Well, after all these years of farm effort it seems time to become a bit more real. As real as one can be in the cyber world I guess.

February on the farm is still a bit sleepy but things are definitely underway. The first pepper and tomato babies have struggled a bit with this cold snap even though they have a heated space and there was a small mouse invasion of seed eaters. Early till areas are still waiting under covers and the garlic and onions appear to be okay. The propagation house is cleaned out and ready for another season.

Looking forward to a new batch of chicks in March as we decided to start over completely. All the old girls went to live at the beach with friend Peppe. They were such a hodgepodge of ages and productivity it just seemed time to start fresh and take the winter off as they do. It's been weird not tending a flock but we've had fun watching the wild birds at the feeders.

In the kitchen there was a major garlic peeling morning to make our own garlic powder for the first time. Lots of garlic that wants to grow so badly! We didn't take out the tiny green sprout for this project as we usually do when using in cooking. The jury seems mixed on whether that is an absolutely necessary step anyway, cooking or otherwise.

When we actually get used to this whole bloggy thing maybe we'll post more on the process as well as more kitchen magic!



  1. Great! Can't wait to see more.

  2. happy to see that you weather the storm.....kb